Private Investigator Services in Lexington KY

College towns like Lexington KY, certainly have a different dynamic than do other small and medium-sized cities located throughout the United States. But wherever you have large numbers of people, there’s going to be a criminal element, as well as the need for private investigative services.

ACES Private Investigations is proud to serve the people of the state of Kentucky, and that includes the dynamic and diverse college town of Lexington.

We have clients located throughout the Bluegrass State who call on us for a variety of different matters in the world of private investigation. Being a college town, however, the needs of residents in Lexington do vary a bit from those in other Kentucky cities like Louisville and Frankfort.

Our ACES private investigator Lexington KY team specializes in many types of investigative services. Some of the more popular requests in “Wildcat Country” include cases revolving around child custody, missing persons, insurance fraud and evidence gathering.

There’s also a growing need for field investigators who specialize in video surveillance, GPS tracking, asset search, executive protection, background checks and infidelity investigations.

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Expert Lexington Private Investigator Witnesses

Our ACES private investigator Lexington KY team are also trained to appear in a court of law on behalf of their clients. We can create the needed reports for your case, but our ACES investigators can also deliver that information to a judge, and possibly jury, to further help you with your case.

We deliver full service at ACES Private Investigations Lexington and will do whatever it takes to fulfill the promises we make to our clients.

A private investigator who works for ACES never knows what will be on his plate from day to day. We have decades of experience, hundreds of positive customer reviews, accolades from law enforcement agencies in several states and experience in investigations, ranging from simple surveillance to asset search and discovery totaling in the millions of dollars.

ACES Private Investigations Lexington employs only the best investigators in the business, with the most complete training and resources available in the investigations business in the 21st century.

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Why Hire ACES in Lexington KY?

If you need a private investigation agency in Lexington KY, you won’t find a better team than at ACES Lexington. Our private investigator Lexington KY team largely consists of previous law enforcement and security specialists who know what it takes to conduct a professional investigation and return the best results to our clients.

We conduct investigations regularly for insurance companies, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, community service firms, and even governmental agencies from time to time.

Our growing team of ACES private investigators in Lexington KY are trained in the very latest techniques and breakthroughs in the industry. Our firm prides itself on having the best investigators conducting the most professional and thorough investigations in Kentucky, and in every other state where we do business.

If you need a Kentucky private investigator for any reason, contact our ACES private investigator Lexington KY team today and let’s discuss your case. We’ll schedule a risk-free appointment where you can sit down with one of our private investigators and talk about your needs and how we can best resolve the case to your ultimate satisfaction.

When the services of a professional private investigator are needed, contact our ACES private investigator Lexington KY team and let’s have a conversation.

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