When your investigation needs call for methods that may be a bit more delicate or secretive in nature, then you need the private investigators on staff at ACES Louisville to look into your case.

We employ several investigators who are former law enforcement officers and have years of experience in many jurisdictions located throughout the United States.

The Most Combined Experience in Louisville

Our ACES private investigators in Louisville, Kentucky have the most combined experience and the best results of any private investigation firm in the Bluegrass State.

Well-versed and highly trained in cases that involve, but are not limited to, child custody cases, background checks, surveillance methods, computer searches, and other investigative services, our ACES private investigator team in Louisville, KY, is the best at what they do.

And the results of our investigations are second to none!

Investigative Services in Louisville

We work with insurance companies, law firms, business interests, private residents and sometimes even governmental agencies.  

If you’re in need of investigation services in Louisville Kentucky, then ACES can get the job done for you!

Highly Trained Investigators

Our private investigator Louisville team is highly trained and boasts decades of combined experience in the world of private investigations.

If you’re searching for a private investigator in Louisville Kentucky, then call us today for more information, a free consultation and to discuss how we can conduct an investigation that will help you resolve your case in the quickest and most professional manner possible.

Why Choose ACES For My Louisville Private Investigator?

We work hard every day of the week to satisfy our clients and to ensure that they receive the most professional service and the very best results from our private detectives in Louisville, KY.

We’ve established our reputation in several different metropolitan areas across the southern United States, and we work hard to maintain our good name during the course of each and every case we investigate.

Full Service Client Support

If you need a detective or private investigator in Louisville KY, we believe with 100 percent certainty that we’re your best choice.

We offer full service client support 24 hours a day, professional rates and what we feel are the best private investigators in the business.

We’d be happy to meet with you at our Louisville location and to discuss how our company can best service your personal needs or the needs of your business or businesses.

What Types of Cases Do Your KY Private Investigators Conduct?

Our licensed private investigators in Louisville KY, are largely former law enforcement officers who all work on a myriad of cases that fall under the realm of private investigative services in Louisville, throughout Kentucky, and in every city that ACES has an office.

Our Louisville private investigators all work with clients on a case by case basis, including cases like child custody matters, missing persons, asset searches, corporate surveillance, fraud investigations, background checks, computer services, forensic analysis, in person surveillance, evidence and information gathering, dealing with the complexity of a court order, checking for criminal records and many more.

Confidential Investigations

Our confidential investigations are the best in the industry, with reports that can be submitted in court proceedings, whether the trial is criminal or civil in nature.

Our reputation speaks for itself and we invite you to check it out on your own before you hire us.

Some cases, like child custody matters, require our investigators to be more discreet and secretive, while others are just the opposite.

Various Responsibilities

Sometimes our detectives are sitting behind a computer or sometimes they’re out in their personal vehicles doing surveillance work at a particular location or locations. At other times, they might be facing down a criminal during any number of different investigations.

In all cases, they’re collecting evidence and fulfilling the needs of their clients during the course of their investigations.

So give us a call today and learn what our investigative agency and our private detectives can do for you.

Are Your Fees Competitive With Other Private Detective Agencies in Louisville, KY?

Yes, they certainly are!

And not only are you receiving competitive rates, but you’re also retaining the services of the best and most experienced private investigators in Louisville, KY.

Finding the Evidence

Our investigations in the Louisville area don’t conclude a case until they’ve obtained the evidence our clients desire.

The only way our investigation won’t turn up this evidence is if it doesn’t actually exist – we guarantee it!

Satisfied Clients

Our top priority is using the latest techniques to confirm a cheating spouse, or to perform surveillance or answer questions as a licensed pi.

These surveillance services and confidential investigations are conducted with one thing in mind, and that’s to satisfy the clients who have put their faith in all of us at ACES Private Investigations.

Decades of Experience

Our private investigator agency is the most experienced provider of investigative services in Louisville, with decades of experience in the United States by some of the most seasoned investigation specialists in Kentucky today.

All of our services come highly recommended by current and former clients, with referrals provided upon request.

And our investigations and services generally come at a cost that individuals or even businesses can easily afford.

Contact Us Today!

Let the evidence speak for itself, as we like to say in the private investigation industry.

Conduct your own investigation – even place a phone call or access the Better Business Bureau website if you like – and let us know how it turns out.

Call us on the phone today and learn what our investigative company can do for you!

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